Runde Blandetkor på Pinsekyrkja i Volda


Konsertmelding av Beverlyne Wanjala

The concert took place on Sunday the 10th of April 2015 at 1700 in Volda Pentecostal church. The church is situated in the Volda town centre, between Uppheim and the Music school, and opposite the NAV offices.

The performing choir was Runde mixed choir with Kaja Runde as the conductor. I interviewed Kaja Runde after the concert and this is what she said about the choir. “Runde mixed choir comprises of singers from a little island with a population of approximately one hundred people. The choir was started in 1879 and has been there ever since, singing in the choir is has become a tradition. The choir starts with small children of around three years old singing in children choir and as they grow up they graduated to mixed choir. One challenge is that most children leave to other places for education purposes thus thinning the choir. 24 singers performed in today’s concert.”


Everyone was seated by 1700 and ready for the concert. Most seats in the front were all taken and the audience was excited to listen to some soothing music from Runder. The choir’s repertoire was a mixture of traditional folk songs, hymns and Negro spirituals, which brought a nice contrast. The choir also mixed both Capella and a’ Capella music. The first two songs; Herres Herres and Åndeleg sjømannssong were traditional folk songs from the island. The songs were both a’ Capella and arranged for soprano Alto Tenor and Bass. The harmonies in the songs were blended very well. There was a balance in all the songs and the acoustics in the room was very good in that the diction of the choir was very audible. The next two songs were Swedish folk songs, which are in form of hymns. One of them, Blott en dag, was Capella. The song was about hope to the people. The choir sang in four voices and was accompanied by the piano. The harmonies brought out the mood in the song and the audience was moved by the song. There was a little mistake in the soprano part on the second verse but the choir picked up very well and finished the song with power. I could see that the choir was using the part they know best to cover up for the little mistakes they made. The next song, Sov du drøymesvangre jord was a mixture of both Russian and Norwegian folk song. This song was also sang accapella, with SATB harmonisation. It was followed by a Russian folk song, De hvide akacier, which had SATB harmonies too. The choir finished the concert with two Negro spirituals, which were in English, Go down Moses. This song talks about the Exodus story in the Old Testament Bible. The song was led by Olav Tjervåg who was the soloist. The co-ordination between the soloist and the choir was very fluid. The dynamics, the harmony and the diction brought out the mood of the song perfectly well. Finally the concert ended with an Irish blessing, which as the name suggest, it’s a farewell blessing.

All in all I can say that I enjoyed the concert. It took me back home to my church choir whereby we mostly sing in SATB. The singers were so impressive in that they followed the conductor and were very precise in the ending of songs. Even though they were using the music notes, the managed to put then in an angle that would allow the public to see their faces and also allow them to see the conductor. Other than their beautiful harmonies, the choir was dressed in very beautiful attire which brought uniformity and also brightened the performance. I can say that the concert was a success and the audience was happy with the performance.

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